We left the “Grand”Hotel Bonnano this morning and had a two hour drive, leaving Tuscany behind and entering Liguria. Both in Tuscany and here in Liguria I noticed that there are vast areas of the country that appear to be left completely wild. Heavily wooded in places but very well maintained where cultivated. Presumably as a result of so much uncultivated land there are numerous wild flowers blooming by the roadsides. The grass verges are a riot of colour, reds, yellows and different shades of violet. It is much more hilly here in Liguria. We stopped for a couple of hours in Porto Venere which is a pretty little resort famous internationally for being the sometime home of both Shelley and Lord Byron.

There is a small harbour, a 12th century church and one delightful and typical Italian street of shops.

i emulated Byron and sat watching the dramatic crashing of the waves onto the rocky cliffs but poetic inspiration eluded me.
We are now in Santa Margherita,in a very nice, truly grand hotel and we are hoping to visit the Cinque Terre tomorrow.
Unfortunately there is a strong wind blowing this afternoon and a boat trip tomorrow is in question! Fingers crossed!

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1 Response to PortoVenere.

  1. leila says:

    Shirl, hi, as you know I would willingly have suffered a journey to Italia inside your suitcase – wherever your destination the grandest of grand lands . As Tommy Trinder used to say, you lucky people! Leila


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