The Cinque Terre!

A long and full day! We had been promised a boat trip to RioMaggiore and the Cinque Terre ” by hook or by crook” and that is more or less how it happened. El Capitain who yesterday assured us that we would sail today, this morning arrived late on the quayside and once again he say “Non!”
Marella, the tour manager did not lose her temper as she was entitled to do, but produced as if by magic, train timetables. We were too late for the main train but by utilising a connection we could take a two trains to get us to Vernazza.



I travelled with the group to Vernazza, a pretty fishing village. There we were able to see the ferocity of the sea as it strikes this rocky shore. A boat trip would not have been pleasant today!



I abandoned the group after about half an hour and went back to the station. I found the right train and within 15 minutes I was in Manarola!


Manarola is by far the most beautiful of the Cinque Terre villages. The houses are built clinging onto the sheer rock,, the harbour is barely a harbour, there is hardly any shelter from the sea which today was throwing itself against the rocks. The men who fished from this harbour were men of skill and courage! Doubtless they still are!



I enjoyed an excellent fish lunch in a restaurant overlooking the harbour, then made my way back to the railway station to take the train back to the group at Monterosso.

image image
Monterosso was quite crowded and touristy compared to Manarola. As a football match was being played by Italy the central square was dominated by crowds watching television coverage of the match on screens at each and every bar and restaurant.


We returned to Santa Margherita on the Intercity train after a day of ups and downs, literally, this area is so hilly it makes the Lake District look flat. We look forward to a nice dinner on our last evening here.


The famous five eating and drinking again! Good company, the essential ingredient for a good evening and a good tour!

I just hope Italy won the footy!

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2 Responses to The Cinque Terre!

  1. Pam Adler says:

    Beautiful photos. Once again so interesting.


  2. Maureen Horwich says:

    Glad you got to Manarola. Thinking of you. Did it come up to expectations? Mo

    Sent from my iPad



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