Knysna 2

A leisurely morning this morning so it gave me chance to sort out malaria medication. Because of a misunderstanding with my doctors suregey I came away minus the necesary tablets. Another couple in the group were the same so this morning we went to the pharmacy which was unabke to supply the tablets wirhout prescription. So off we trotted to the local doctor who turned out to be both charming and thorough. And cheap! We paid £13 for the prescription and  a further £14 for the tablets. We seem to have a bargain as most of the other people on the tour paid considerably more back in the UK.


Unfortunately the weather changed this morning so our vitit to the Waterfront on Knysna was chilly and I bought myself a fleece which I was very happy to wear on this afternoon’s boat trip. The boat trip visited The Featherbed Reserve.

The reserve is a nature reserve with a very interesting history.  The ceolocanth (look it up,you ignoramuses) was discovered in the waters off the coast here and the naturalist who discovered and identified it wrote a book about it. With the proceeds from the book he purchased this vast tract of land where Cape flora is protected.

image image image

Apparently there is a greater number of flora varieties here in the Eastern Cape than anywhere else in the world and about 6000 of them are unique to the area.


We rode on a unimog to the summit of the area and then most of us walked down on a rocky and in places very steep path.



The last part of the walk was along the coast of the Knysna river mouth. The entry to the river and the harbour of Knysna is one of the most dangerous in the world. So dangerous that Lloyds will not insure ships to make the entry. As a result the harbour was closed to commercial shipping in 1958. Only small private yaghta use the harbour today and make the entry only on the mildest calmest days.

image image

Early start tomorrow so early  bed  tonight!

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3 Responses to Knysna 2

  1. Naomi says:

    It looks chilly – glad you got the fleece (and the malaria meds!). You will be proud – I looked up coelacanth.


  2. Pam Adler says:

    So glad you did the feather bed trip. That’s the one I told you about. Fab views


  3. Thank you for bringing some rain to #Knysna! We need it, so it’s much appreciated 😉 !


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