An early start today as we had a long way to travel before lunch. It rained quite hard for most of the journey which was a pity as we travelled through some very varied scenery. For a time we were seeing heavily wooded hills, then through arable country, cultivated fields of rape or wheat stretched as far as one could see.

We made one stop at an aloe factory. The aloes they use here are different from the AloeVera that we see round the Mediteranean or in Florida. They are a different species and are called Aloe Ferox.


Some are cultivated but apparently the wild ones are preferred. The bitter aloes that used to be used to cure nail biters come from it but the main product is a slightly antiseptic gel that is used to manufacture everything from an acne treatment and a cure for constipation to a hair restorer and anti wrinkle cream.

Our destination, Arniston is a quiet, picturesque fishing village. The local fishermen still fish from the tiny harbour and live in tiny white washed cottages with thatched roofs.


Their cottages are just beside the one and only hotel and at the other side of the hotel are several very luxurious looking holiday homes. Quite a contrast!



The hotel in the centre could be described as the perfect hotel. At first sight it is a simple 2 or 3 star seaside hotel but the personal attention to detail is outstanding. Most of us are prepared to forget Cape Town and just stay here.

However there is little to do here once one has walked the cliff path in both directions, so no doubt we shall pack our bags and move on tomorrow.

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