The Road to CapeTown

This morning dawned cold, bleak and wet! We left Arniston and continued our journey west, mainly on the coast road. The journey was full of interest, the scenery varying all the time from rugged, rocky muntains to flat farm country. Our guide identified numerous birds and plants for us.




There was also much wild life to be seen along the way. Springbok, flamingo and gorrillas among them.



Our first stop was L’aghulas which is the southernmost point of Africa. This is where the Indian and Atlantic oceans meet and is one of the points most feared historically by sailors.


The weather was appropriately bleak and very windy for our visit so it was quite easy to imagine  seafarers foundering on the rocks.

We were all happy to return to the bus and we continued on our way, still in teeming rain. The next stop was Hermanus where we stopped for lunch. This is possibly a lovely seaside holiday resort when the sun shines!

Hermanus is famous for whale watching. Whales come very close to the shore and provide the entertainment. Reputedly!!!


The sun finally made an appearance accompanied by two rainbows at about 2p.m. and we arrived in CapeTown soon after.

There is a strong wind blowing but the sun is still shining and hopefully the wind will blow the tablecloth away from Table mountain. It would be nice to see the famous peak after coming all this way!

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2 Responses to The Road to CapeTown

  1. Pam Adler says:

    Lovely photos. Hope the weather improves. At least you have your kagool to keep you dry!


  2. Naomi Tschoegl says:

    Sorry you are having so much rain. But your photos are wonderful.


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