Cape Town.

I am sure I knew that Table Mountain had a flat top and that it dominated the city of Cape Town. Even so the first sight from the hotel was quite stunning!


There is a South East wind blowing which blows over the warm Indian Ocean collecting moisture which becomes cloud vapour when it hits the mountain. It then spreads across the flat top creating the tablecloth. This morning is sunny with a wonderful blue sky but the wind is still forming the cloud cover.


The cable car is closed when the wind reaches certain levels so there is no trip to the top for us today.

Instead we had a city tour. The city was originally established by farmers who cultivated fruit and vegetables to supply to ships passing the Cape on their way to India. As ships were sighted a cannon was fired from what is now known as Signal Hill, this told the farmers that customers were arriving. We visited Signal Hill from whence the cannon is still fired each day at midday! Great views from there of the city and of Lions Head Peak.image

In the city we saw a statue of Cecil Rhodes. I dont know why the Oxford students are so touchy about him, he is positively revered here for his gifts to the general public and the poor in particular.

I only know what I am told!

Another part of the city, the Malay Quarter, nothing to do with Malaya. Now a mainly Moslem area famous for its brightly coloured houses. Quite spectacular!

image image

We went to the Mount Nelson Hotel for high tea/lunch. Very nice, very colonial!

In the afternoon a few of us went to the Kirstenbosch Botanic gardens. I expected something like the Keukenhof Gardens and possibly later in the year they may be worth seeing, however it is still early spring here so not a lot to see that we havent already seen elsewhere.

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  1. Barbara Danon says:

    Glad you are enjoying Cape Town it’s really beautiful we stayed there as part of our honeymoon in the mount nelson – very lovely and quite ‘english’ ! Hope the cloud disappears and you can take the trip up table mountain because it is quite spectacular! Enjoy xx


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