The Royal Livingston Hotel.

The Royal Livingston is a very cool hotel. Where else will you have a zebra in front of your bedroom and a baboon on your patio?


This is the security guy. He is there to prevent the baboons pinching our breakfast.

This morning we visited the famous falls. I have to admit to being less than impressed. This is because it hasnt rained here for months so there is a minimum amount of water over theĀ falls. In some ways this is an advantage because it is easier to see the unique formation of canyons that make up the falls.


This is the model that explains how the water travels when in full flood. A million years ago the falls would have been at the left of the photo. Erosion over the millenia move the falls ever further up river.


We returned to the hotel a little disappointed although we were assured that this is the best way to see the falls. In full flood the mist is so thick the main canyon cannot be seen.

A few of us went on the helicopter tour of the area. I went in the small 4 seater on the left.


The young South African pilot gave us some really good views of the falls.



There is always a rainbow over the canyon, even at night when they call it a moonbow.

We had booked 30 minutes so the pilot said, “Lets have some fun!” We went on a switchback ride through the canyons, buzzing the rafters in the river below.




What we didnt realise until we returned to ground, we were being videoed. So I can bore you all with my video of the ride through the Victoria Falls Canyons.

We returned to the hotel for a quiet afternoon and a swim in the beautiful pool!image

Time to pack and home tomorrow!

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7 Responses to The Royal Livingston Hotel.

  1. Naomi Tschoegl says:

    Great photos. You have clearly had a wonderful trip!


  2. Pam Adler says:

    Sorry that your holiday is coming to an end. I have so enjoyed reading about your trip.
    Mind you at least we can resume our Friday golf.
    Safe journey home


  3. Jonathan Seitler says:

    Enjoyed every word. Looking forward to my next vicarious adventure


  4. mummycram says:

    This looks like the best yet. See you tomorrow xx


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