Perth is  delightful city. It is situated on the banks of the Swan River and is only about 10 km  from Fremantle and the coast. Consequently it has the benefit of very welcome sea breezes. img_9116

This morning we toured the city where I found the juxtaposition of 18th/19th century buildings and modern skyscrapers quite charming.


We passed an area where police were clearing away a group of  indigenous squatters. One would assume that people who sleep in the streets are homeless but our guide assured us that the squatters have lovely homes in the suburbs paid for by welfare. They sleep in the street making the city look untidy because they want to. I remember seeing similar problems with indigenous people in South America.

It could almost make me a liberal!

Fremantle was established as a port to receive many of the convict ships but now it is a holiday resort. All the buildings in the centre of Fremantle are protected so it is very quaint .


We returned to Perth by boat, the cruise up the Swan River took about an hour.


Tomorrow is a free day and I plan to do very little but rest and let my body catch up with itself.

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4 Responses to Perth.

  1. mummycram says:

    Sounds like an opportunity to just wander and take in the scenery


  2. Hannah says:

    Glad you arrived safely! Looks like you’re already having an amazing time! Enjoy your rest tomorrow!


  3. SANDRA says:

    Certainly seen a lot in such a short time. Loved your interesting photos. I am sure after your long journey into summertime your body will certainly need a rest, so take it easy and enjoy your spare time.


  4. Looks like another awesome trip….


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