I went out for breakfast this morning. It was just a five minute walk to the Elizabeth Quay and it was pleasant to have breakfast looking out over the water to the city.



I always understood that skyscrapers were built in Manhattan because space was so scarce they had to build upwards. One has to wonder why they need to do it here when there is almost endless space!


This is The Bell Tower. It houses bells that used to hang in St  Martins in the Fields. They were a gift to the city of Perth some years ago, no one seems to know why, or why they should build such an elaborate structure in which to house them. It is quite a spectacular landmark though.

After a leisurely breakfast I began the walk back to the hotel, by this time the heat had built up to 38oC and although it was only a short walk I had to stop a few times in the shade to rest. I was very happy to get back to the air conditioned hotel.

I stayed indoors until 4.00p.m. And then went up to the roof pool. I sat by the pool, in the shade, reading my book until after 6.


Tomorrow we go to Uluru in the Red Centre of Australia. What will the temperatures reach there I wonder?

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4 Responses to Perth2

  1. Hannah says:

    Wow those buildings look amazing! And it sounds very hot! Did you not go for a dip in the pool?
    Can’t wait to hear about tomorrow!


  2. Naomi Tschoegl says:

    That hot! Take lots of water and drink it!! Uluru is fantastic – but it will be doubly hot for anyone used to the UK.


  3. Lucy H says:

    Looks amazing grandma. Be careful in that heat!


  4. Pamela Frieslander says:

    I suppose they want to show how modern and advanced they are. Or perhaps they’re anticipating a population explosion?


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