Ayers Rock.

We left the hotel at Alice at 8.00a.m. as we had a long drive ahead. Before leaving Alice we vited Anzac Hill which is a war memorial nd also an excellent viewing point. Alice has two reasons for its existence in this very remote spot. Originally it was set up as a telegrapg station being half way between Darwin and Adelaide. In later years it became a military station and there is still a strong military presence here.


We then began the journey proper which was 6 1/2 hours maximum speed driving with nary a bend in the road. Our driver talked a lot during the journey, whether this was to entertain us with information or to keep him awake was not entirely clear!

There are Service Stations offering food, water and fuel every 100 kms on the route. These are bush stations nothing like Newport Pagnell. It is actually forbidden to take photos of the Aboriginals who were sitting out front but I took a chance from far away. At the back of the facility there was an art gallery with all native art. All similar to that seen on the pillar, dots, zigzags and so on.



The above is not Ayers Rock as we all believed when we first saw it in the distance. It is Mount Conner which is another of the massive and oddly shaped rocks that were formed by the unusual geology of the area. (Dont expect me to explain it, look it up yourself)

We spent a relaxing afternoon by the pool, the water was like a warm bath, just the way I like it and gathered again at 6.00p.m. to go out to the viewing spots to see the sun set on the rock.

There were several groups there and it was quite a party atmosphere with plenty alcohol available.





Whilst the rock itself is impressive, the experience of seeing the sun set was fairly underwhelming.

Perhaps sunrise will be more exciting!

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1 Response to Ayers Rock.

  1. Naomi Tschoegl says:

    The sunset was pretty when we were there – but then again, we were drinking champagne. Hope the sunrise is more exciting.


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