This morning I had a wake up call at 3:45a.m. It was completely voluntary, a few of us decided to see the sun rise over the rock and the Field of Light.


The Field of light is an art installation which was supposed to have been dismantled by now but has been so popular it has been extended. We were taken in complete darkness to an area of sand dunes. We walked up a path to the top of a dune from where we could see the lights which cover an area the size of 7 football pitches.


The lights are solar powered coloured bulbs on stems and the sight was quite magical. The coloured lights on the ground in front of us combined with the incredible display of stars in the heavens. We were all snapping away but not surprisingly photos taken in complete darkness are pretty well rubbish!

We were able to wander through the lights and eventually arrived at another viewing platform. From here we could see the field again spread now at the foot of the rock. Hot drinks and biscuits were available and we sat there for about an hour watching the day dawn.




This is Kata Tjuta, another of the unusual rock formations in the area. This together with Mount Conner and Ayers Rock are considered sacred by the Indigenous Aboriginals. One can understand why. They have the look of vast brooding creatures sleeping surrounded by flat bushland and sand dunes. I suspect that they may be even more effective when they are surrounded by dry red desert.

As it started to get light the flies came out in force. I was very glad I had my net. Only sorry it wasn’t full length. I begin to understand why Arab women wear the bhurka, I would have been happy to wear one this morning!

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2 Responses to Uluru.

  1. Christine says:

    Was the sunrise more exciting than the sunset or equally as underwhelming?


  2. Wayne says:

    This sounded fascinating. Real travel. Look forward to reading more.


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