Cairns is a seaside resort and a centre of the sugar cane growing industry. It is surrounded by hills/mountains that are covered in rain forest, the climate is tropical. It is not as hot as it was in Northern Territory but it is a lot more humid.

This morning we took a Skyride in gondolas over the rain forest up into the hills to a village called Kuranda.


The scenery was quite spectacular, the variety of trees all vieing for the light was amazing. We passed over hills and gorges and the ride was in three sections. After the first and second sections we got out and there were prepared paths through the forest, together with explanations of what we were seeing.


Eventually we arrived at the village, a spot on the River Baron that has been inhabited for 10000 years by native people. Some time in the 80’s hippies moved in and now it is a tourist trap selling all kinds of tat. There are also a few attractions such as ‘cuddle a koala’ for $20, ‘See the Snakes’ for $30, both for 55, you get the picture!img_9266 img_9264

There were some beatiful exotic plants growing by the roadside though!

We stopped for a coffee and were joined by one of the local characters!


Whilst we were in the cafe it started to rain, this rain was not like manchester rain!


One of the men from our group decided to refill his water bottle.


There is a very good reason for it to be called rainforest!

The rain didnt last long. We came back to Cairns on a scenic one track railway train. MOre spectacular scenery.

img_9283 img_9288 img_9286


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2 Responses to Cairns.

  1. Sandra Mason says:

    I am thoroughly enjoying your descriptive daily postings. Keep them coming and enjoy your wonderful adventure. Luv Sandra x


  2. Hannah says:

    This looks amazing!


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