The Great Barrier Reef.

It took nearly 2 hours for our rather smart catamaran to reach Michealmas Cay.


Some of our group found a sunny spot on the foredeck.


The Cay is just a narrow strip of sand surrounded by the Pacific Oceon. It is a seabird sanctuary but a small section of beach has been roped off for the use of swimmers and snorkellers. The Scuba divers dived from a dinghy.



Swimmers and snorkellers alike were strongly advised to wear full lycra body suits as there are stinging jellyfish in these waters. The suits looked great on the young girls but didnt suit everyone.


It wasnt always easy to get the suits on.


It was even harder to peel them off.

img_9376As we arrived at the Cay, one of the crew fed the fishes from the side of the ship.


We could take a ride in the semisubmarine. This was a boat that was almost entirely below the waterline. A bit claustrophobic inside but the glass bulkheads gave an amazing view of the corals and the fish living in them. My photos dont do justice to the incredible formation and colours.

img_9331img_9333 img_9326

There was also an excellent illustrated talk explaining what we were likely to see.

Throughout the day we were  served with abundant food and drink culminating in sparkling wine just before  finally docked back in Cairns.




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7 Responses to The Great Barrier Reef.

  1. Naomi Tschoegl says:



  2. LEEilla glancy says:

    lovely for you Shirl. and did guide point out to you how white the coral is – from the acid?! Leila


    • horwichs says:

      The coral wasn’t white! It was vivid yellows, reds and blues. The blue particularly vivid. Don’t judge from my photos I use a very basic camera, other people got much better more colourful photos?


  3. Jona says:

    Wow grandma this looks amazing. I’m so jealous


    • horwichs says:

      I knew you would be Jona. I hope you don’t wait till you are as old as I am before you come see for yourself!


  4. Pamela Frieslander says:

    Fabulous! Did you don a wetsuit too?


    • Hannah says:

      The wetsuit isn’t very glamorous, I couldn’t imagine grandma in it! I would’ve done the same and gone in the submarine to see it!


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