Moving day.

There are lots of things to do in Cairns but on our last day I chose to do nothing. It was time for a rest because the humidity is very tiring. I did a bit of shopping and took snaps of the flying foxes that nest in the trees outside the hotel.


Very strange and noisy creatures but apparently they are protected here.

I felt better for the rest and today we flew to Sydney. This is a really exciting city! One can feel the buzz immediately. We arrived about 5 p.m.  and after checking in and unpacking we went down to the Harbourside for a meal. Lots of restaurants, music and people. A bit too much rain as wll but that may go away by tomorrow.


Returning to the hotel, a helpful Concierge found two only tickets available at the Opera House for the opening night of La Traviata. One of the other ladies grabbed one and I have the other!

Watch this space!

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6 Responses to Moving day.

  1. Lucy H says:

    Enjoy Sydney grandma. We loved it! Try to go and see the blue mountains it’s amazing up there.


  2. Wayne says:

    Sounds like the trip is all go and interesting too.


  3. SANDRA S says:

    LA TRAVIATA AT SYDNEY OPERA HOUSE? clever you getting the last ticket.


  4. Naomi Tschoegl says:

    Sydney is wonderful, isn’t it? Reminds me of LA in many ways. Very jealous that you got to go to the Opera House!


  5. Pamela Frieslander says:

    Lucky you! La Traviata and Sydney Opera House – all in
    One night 🎶🎶


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