The first thing to do in Sydney is take the iconic photo!


We continued the day with a tour which I found full of surprises. The first surprise is that it is a very hilly city,  steep ups and downs wherever you go. Also despite it being comparatively a new city, the streets are quite narrow and the buildings very close together.


There is also a jumble of old and new buildings.


This victorian building, now a shopping mall, complete with its statue of the young queen is surrounded by modern glass blocks.img_9433

The interior of the mall reminded me of the old Lewis’s, when I was a girl. How do you like the stained glass fanlights?

Next thing is a cruise round the harbour which is bigger than I expected with numerous bays and different harbours and marinas. A lot more views of Sydney from many different angles. Easy to see that this is a sailors paradise!


Following the cruise we walked to the Opera House to take the tour. The tour lasted about an hour. We learned about some of the many problems involved in its building and design. A very interesting hour!





The overhang is designed to reflect the water and passing water traffic. The tiles are the coating on the ‘sails’.  We were regaled with numbers, so many million tiles, so many million dollars etc. But not one human was harmed in the making of this Opera House!

This week is Chinese New Year, the year of the rooster hence the colourful figures on the forecourt of the theatre.


There was also a screen flashing images of Chinese proverbs. The images flash at 300 per second, much too fast to read. You are invited to take a photo to see which refers to you. This is mine!


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2 Responses to Sydney!

  1. mummycram says:

    Sounds like a great motto


  2. Hannah says:

    Sounds like you had a great day here! Did you do any shopping? And that sounds like a great motto, (just remember what I’ve asked for when you’re giving 😊)


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