Sydney 2.

Yesterday was a very long and very full day! We left the hotel at 7.00a.m. And had a 1 1/2 hour drive to reach the Blue Mountain area. The blue comes from the vapourous mist that rises from the millions of eucalytus trees.



Our first stop was to take the skyway across the  valley. The area is rainforest, very lush and mountainous. There was a walk through the trees to where eventually we came to a little mountain railway which was to take us down almost to the valley floor. We were unprepared for the almost vertical drop through what looked like solid rock!


Another walk took us to a funicular which brought us back up to a magnificent viewing point. There was a VIsitor Centre here where there was an excellent viewpoint from which to see the famous 3 sisters!


There was also an Aboriginal woman who explained the local native customs followed by a ceremonial dance in full warpaint which I doubt was in the least authentic. The guy playing the didgeridoo looked Swedish to me underneath his warpaint.


We had lunch at one of the local golf clubs, very nice almost up to Saxon standards!

Following lunch we visited a wild animal reserve. More of a zoo really, where they protect local species, koala, kangaroos, wallabies, dingos, snakes in variety etc. Other than flying foxes we have not seen any creatures in the wild anywhere in Australia!

img_9480 img_9487 img_9499 img_9504 img_9506

The day ended with a boat trip down the River Paramatta which was supposed to end on the Quay next to our hotel at 6.00p.m. However the traffic was heavy, we missed our boat and the following one would have made me late for the opera. Consequently I disembarked at an earlier stop near to the Opera House and went to the opera in the T shirt and pedal pushers I had worn all day. Among some quite elegant evening gowns no one seemed to even notice my deshabille!

The opera was absolutely first class  from the moment the curtain rose on a stunning set which provoked spontaneous applause before even one note had been sung. The singing was excellent nd the costumes matched the scenery in its splendour!

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