Milford Sound.

It was about 200 miles driving to reach Milford Sound from Queenstown but the distance seemed  much less because we stopped several times to enjoy the magnificent views.img_9521

This is the area where The Lord of the Rings was filmed and indeed the drifting rain mist gave everything a very otherworldly feel.img_9551 feel.


The climate here is very much like the Lake District, that is to say, it rains a lot!  By the time we reached our destination where we were to have a cruise through the Sound, it was pouring.img_9575

The crew assured us that in the rain was the best time to see the Sound because it is famous for the cascades of water that drop down the sheer mountainsides into the Sound. The cascades are more spectacular after rain!img_9599


They were indeed spectacular but we were not entirely convinced. It would have been nice to have seen it with the sun shining

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  1. Yvonne Sheals says:

    Shirley, A voice from the past – enjoyed looking at your blog in ‘The Antipodes’ where we travelled a few years ago. Hope you are well – fond memories of S Africa. Yvonne


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