Skippers Canyon.

I played truant this morning, slept a bit later and had a leisurely breakfast! This meant I was ready and raring to go for this afternoon’s trip to the ghost village of Skippers Canyon. This area was originally settled by gold miners who moved ever higher up the mountains following the rivers that carried the gold. There are several of these villages and this one is so high in the mountains that one needs a 4 x 4 to reach it on a dirt track that just about clings to the side of precipitious hillsides.img_9608img_9613

It was a breathtaking ride and great fun despite the rain that never seemed to stop.

When we returned to lower levels we tried panning for gold in the river and then as the vehicle was coated in mud we took it through the carwash!


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2 Responses to Skippers Canyon.

  1. SANDRA says:

    Every morning I wake up looking forward to your daily new adventure and witty entertaining blogs blogs. Can’t believe you experience so much whilst I am asleep xxx


  2. horwichs says:

    I cant believe you are just getting up when I am just going to bed!


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