Auckland is our last stop. Tomorrow we start the long journey home. I shall take with me many memories. The beauty and the heat we experienced in the Red Centre.


The incredible corals on the Great Barrier Reef.


The rainforest from the skyrail.img_9245


And the torrential rain that makes the forest the way it is!


Sydney Opera house and the wonderful performance I saw there.


The beauty and drama of New Zealand is quite unforgettable.


The stark beauty of the glacier and the glare of the sun on the ice.img_9895

The moving scene of the white chairs.


The weird sight of the underground fire breaking through the earth’s crust and the overpowering smell of sulphur.

The Maori Haka!

I shall quickly forget Auckland, a city that may be attractive in sunshine, though I doubt it. It has an enormous and very busy harbour and although famous Queen Street boasts Armani, Dior, Louis Vuitton etc. the goods in the shops are not in the least tempting. It also has famous tower which doesn’t look like this today in the rain.


Instead it looks like this looking down through the murk at our hotel from the top of the tower.


Auckland is a difficult city to enjoy as it is built on numerous very steep sided dormant volcanos. The gradients were very hard on my old knees and hips!

There are only 4 1/2 million people in NZ and 1 1/2 million of them are here in Auckland. It is a busy container port as well as a stop for cruise ships and it is claimed that 1 in 4 citizens own some kind of boat. Which explains the vast harbourfront and numerous moorings and marinas.


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3 Responses to Auckland.

  1. SANDRA says:

    I so enjoyed following your remarkable trip filled with the most amazing experiences. Each morning I have looked forward to receiving your blog which I shall now miss. Have a good journey home and I look forward to your return. What wonderful memories you will always hold xx


  2. Naomi Tschoegl says:

    What a wonderful trip you have had and you have some marvelous photos. Safe travels home!!


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