Surprising Abano!

Somehow I expected Abano to be a rural backwater, with one pleasant spa hotel which happened to have a suitable room in which elederly people could play Bridge.

To my great surprise Abano Therme is a sophisticated even elegant town containing several large de luxe hotels and numerous up market shops draped along modern gracious shopping streets.

Gorgeous shoes, handbags and jewellery seem to be something of a speciality, but one of our party bought six dresses this morning. ( She has a grandson’s barmitzvah looming so has an excuse!)

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6 Responses to Surprising Abano!

  1. Naomi Tschoegl says:

    Sounds lovely – enjoy the trip!


  2. horwichs says:

    You are always first to comment Naomi. So lovely to hear from you always. Keep in touch!


  3. Pam says:

    Ooo, never mind the bridge. You can just shop!


  4. Pamela Frieslander says:

    Is it necessary to have an excuse to buy 6 dresses?
    Sounds a lovely place. Hope the bridge is good too


  5. Did you buy anything!? It sounds like girly heaven to me! Xx


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