The Yangtse River

We are now cruising down the Yangtse River. It has been a lovely sunny and warm day and we all enjoyed the rest. As we travelled downriver we neverseemed to be out of sight of some kind of heavy industry.

And we never seemed to escape this grey haze that we have had wherever we have been in China. The ship docked for a couple of hours this morning but we were not allowed ashore unless we were with an official guide.

This artist was working on board. He is the third generation to work this craft. He paints exquisite scenes inside  glass bottles.

This afternoon we stopped again to visit the village of Shibaotzai. Although we are 400km from the Three Gorges Dam the village was drowned and lost beneath rising water created by the dam. A new village has been built and the ancient wooden pagoda that stands on a very high rock was protected by a wall.

It is possible to climb inside the pagoda and several of our party opted for the climb ( 900 )  steep steps. We were warned, once committed no going back. Discretion proved the better part for this particular tourist!

We walked back through the village.

This is the China I expected to see. Note the sedan chairs for hire behind the children!

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6 Responses to The Yangtse River

  1. Sandra says:

    The cruise looks absolutely fantastic. The Pagoda looked amazing but think you made the right decision in not attempting 900 steps.


  2. Mum, this is how travel writing ought really to be done…impressive and immersive. But are you having a good time ?! xx


  3. Made me smile to think that my folks wouldn’t have even eaten Chinese food some years ago…describing it as ‘ethnic’ 🙂 now you’ve literally gone native…fantastic.


  4. Barbara says:

    Sounds like another fantastic interesting trip – seeing the world in luxury / glad your having a great time / keep the blogs coming!!


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