Beijing 2

A very intense dat today with a visit to the Olympic Stadium. The area is very well maintained and has developed into a smart residential area with some fantastical looking apartment blocks.

We then drove to visit the garden which contains the tombs of all 13 of the Ming Emperors.  We ha a walk down the boulevardthrough statues of the animals and ministers who cared for the Emperors in life and whose images remain to protect him in the tomb.

We were seeing it at a good time because the autumn colour was beautiful.

We then visited a factory where they carve jade. Some of the work was exquisite but very expensive.

The weather in Beijing can be described as grey. Grey skies and minimum visibility. The first two days were mild and humid, today it is cold and humid. The humidity/ smog hangs in the air and is possibly due to the traffic which is unbelievably heavy. We have yet to see any blue in the sky at all.

After lunch we drove up into the veryrugged mountains to visit the Great Wall. We had ee. Warned that it was very cold and it was! Very very cold! Despite my several layers and furry hat and gloves it was quite uncomfortably cold.

We all walked along the wall, some further than others as it was very steep in places. Visibility was disappointing. If you look very hard you can see one of the steep sections behind the group photo.

Heavy traffic on the way back, an interesting few days in Beijing but honestly this is not an attractive city!

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