We arrived in Guilin and drove straight to a tea plantation. We are now further south and it is much warmer, however there is still this mist, humidity or whatever it is that reduces the visibility.

This is a pity because the landscape is really unusual. There are thousands of what the guide calls mountains but I would describe as monoloths made of limestone.

At the plantation the growing and picking of tea was described and we had a demonstration of processing the leaf followed by a tea ceremony. Somehow I think they do it differently at PG tips!

Guilin is a smallish country town clustered around a number of connected landscaped and illuminated lakes. It seems to be enjoying a tourist boom as this week it is hosting an International Cycle Tour. After dinner we went on a boat tourthrough tbe lakes which are illuminated.

Cormorant fishing has been going on here for thousands of years, it was interesting to see it. The birds are trained to catch fish but are unable to swallow the fish because their throats are constricted with a necklace. I doubt that the boats were painted with UV paint in those days!

The evening ended with a musical waterfall down the walls of this hotel. I was able to watch it both from outside and inside as my bedroom window is part of the waterfall!

The second day in Guilin was perfect weather for a boat trip on the River Lai through this very strange and spectacular landscape.


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