Yangtse 2

The second day of our cruise was spectacular. We were blessed with sunshine for the cruise through the 3 gorges. It is impossible to show with photos or words the visual impact of the towering and majestically rugged cliffs as they dropped into the green depths of the river. The dramatic effect was heightened by the knowledge that beneath us in the water were drowned some 3 cities, hundreds of villages and several sites of archeological interest, all of which are lost forever.

We expected to reach the dam itself and start our journey through the locks at about midnight. I decided not to wait to see this but in the event I was awakened by the noise of the locks so had a very disturbed night.

The next morning was our visit to the Three Gorges Dam, probably the largest engineering project in the world. The figures are truly difficult to comprehend. The weight of concrete or water, the height of the dam, the operation of the boat lift and the size of the locks. All are figures that dazzle but mostly the sheer ruthlessness of the plan is the most incredible. Only a one party country could undertake a project on this scale.

Once again the mist rendered our photos useless, but even without the mist my camera could not show the project in its entirety. I attach a photo of a model that has been built. It is the only way to see how one part relates to another.

We  stopped on our journey at a small farm where we were invited into this lady’s home. Her dialect was so strong that even our Chinese guide was unable to communicate other than with sign language, but she made us welcome and gave me an orange.

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  1. mummycram says:

    This seems to be your most interesting trip so far


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