Suzhou is a smallish town, only 8,000,000 people! Gtr Manchester is 2.5 million, so Suzhou is only small by Chinese standards. Chongqing has 23,000,000 which is more than in the entire State of Calfornia. My brain is dizzy from all the noughts!

The old town is an area of canals, Marco Polo visited the town calling it the Venice of the East. We followed in Marco’s footsteps by starting the day with a boat ride through the canals. It was very ‘picturistic’ as our guide had promised.

This bridal couple were posing for their wedding photos.

After the boat ride we visited the embroidery institute. The work is done on the finest sheerist silk.  The pictures were exquisite, the shading and lustre was beautiful. Unfortunately we were not allowed to take photographs of the pictures.

After lunch we visited the factory where silk is made.

The silkworms are bred here and the cocoons of silk are harvested and  twisted into the finest filaments. This particular factory specialises in silk by the yard which we saw being woven and they also make 100% pure silk duvets which are made from layers of unspun silk.

The last visit of the day was to an old typically chinese house where once lived a famous artist. His house and garden are open to demonstrate Chinese landscaping.

As one would expect every visit becomes a retail opportunity!

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1 Response to Suzhou.

  1. Naomi says:

    I would love to have seen the embroidery Institute. And the city with the canals looks charming. Of course, I’m not seeing it in bad weather. You have had an amazing trip.


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