This morning we walked along The Bund which is the famous road along the waterfront. The busy river on one side, the busy bankers on the other. As well as the banks, the Peninsula Hotel and the Peace Hotel which was built by the Sassoon family around the turn of the century. Both hotels still very elegant in a 1920’s Somerset Maugham sort of way. The Shanghai skyline is very high rise with several eccentric shaped buildings.  All the high rises have been built in the past 20 years, before 1998 there was nothing above 6 floors. Naturally we had to go up the Jinmao Tower to see the view – sorry mist!

We had lunch in a floating restaurant and then visited old Shanghai. When I say old, it was actually built in the last 30 years because the entire Old Shanghai was burnt to the ground. It is far too ‘picturistic’ to be really old.

It seems that during the Mao era everything connected with past culture was swept away, destroyed or simply allowed to rot away. Once China was opened to the world, tourism became a big yuan earner so these things were resurrected. Occasionally we catch a glimpse of the real China, the old China is gone or is Disneyfied.

In the evening we went to see the Chinese Acrobats. An amazing show but no photos!




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  1. Sandra Masonw says:

    Each day I read with great interest your postings on Let’s Go. What a wonderful journey you have chosen. Forget the next meeting of the book club as I think reading and absorbing your trip to China will come top of my list. Take care x


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