Shanghai 2

This morning we had a return trip to the airport just for the experience of travelling on the Maglev train

The Maglev train is the most advanced train in the world, running by magnetic levitation, hence the name. There is one line only from central Shanghai to Pudong airport. It cost so much to build and to run that there is no likelihood of another being built in our lifetime if at all!

Like Concord it is technology ahead of its time! Incidentally it is British and German technology, but only China was prepared or able to fund it. 430kmph in less than 2 minutes!


This afternoon we visited the Shanghai Museum. Four very interesting floors. The porcelain and the furniture interested me particularly.

Could it be possible that my hall chair is a genuine Ming piece. It fits the description!

Our last outing was a boat trip to see Shanghai by night!


A  touch of fairyland to end the trip. Up at 5.30a.m. tomorrow for my flight home. See you soon!

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  1. Naomi says:

    Safe travels!


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