We now feel thoroughly immersed in The Japanese Experience!

Two hours drive north of Tokyo higher in elevation and very rural is Nikko. Nikko is a sacred area surrounded by woods and mountains and there is a Shrine complex which apparently is both Shinto and Buddhist. The Tokogawa family who ran everything in Japan for several hundred yearsare all buried here.

The Shrine complex was enormous and quite overwhelming. Each shrine was covered in wonderful carving and decoration.


There were the usual ritual washing facilities here also

We then went to a beautiful spot beside the river which was flowing with snow melt!

Along the riverbank were hundreds of these Buddhas, by their bibs thou shalt know them as children. The story here us slightly different; the children being innocent are capable of intervening against evil spirits so they are lined up on the borders of villages or in this case along the river to prevent evil reaching the rest of us.

Next stop our hotel and the full Japanese experience. This is my lovely room as I first saw it.

By the time I go to bed a futon will have been prepared for me on the floor. A moment after arrival I received a visit from the receptionist who showed me how to dress appropriately.

Before dinner we took advantage of the natural hot spring baths. Very hot, very relaxing!

We all went down for dinner in our kimonos and very comfortable they were!

Dinner looked wonderful but I have to confess that vegetarian is not a Japanese speciality!


And so to bed!


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3 Responses to Nikko.

  1. Naomi Tschoegl says:

    Marvelous. Loved the kimono!


  2. Pam says:

    What an experience. Love the kimono. Are you bringing a few back?


  3. Claudine Crammer says:

    You look brilliant! And the room looks amazing!


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