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Verona 2018

Verona is a typical Italian town but with an exciting ambience due to the vast Roman Amphitheatre which is in the centre of the town surrounded by the most expensive luxury shops. We saw The Barber of Seville which didnt … Continue reading

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And then there were 11!

To my great disappointment I am the next to go home. Yesterday I finally admitted that I am not physically capable of continuing on this tour and to my great disappointment I have left my new friends and am back … Continue reading

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Some of the things I found interesting.

One of the first things I noticed and have continued to find remakable is how much of the country is very heavily wooded. Vast areas of green canopy stretch as far as the eye can see on either side of … Continue reading

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This morning we took the bullet train from Karuizawa to Nagano. As this is the centre of a ski area it is high altitude so the blossom is just coming into flower here. Nagano itself is in a valley surrounded … Continue reading

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Specially for Jonna!

Koi carp, shot from my bedroom on the second floor. This is a ski resort in the winter. A little snow remains on the tops. Photos again from the bedroom window.

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And now we are 12!

This is John, the youngest fittest member of our group. Unfortunately he indulged in the high risk sport of going to the bathroom!   He will be on his way back to Chicago later today, along with hife wife, Lynn. … Continue reading

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This morning it was raining!!! The kind of rain that needs several exclamation marks. Breakfast was beautifully served at tables overlooking the koi carp lake. I never realised how big koi were. At least twice the size of a large … Continue reading

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The Ryokan!

There was a lot of interest and some misunderstanding re our stay at the Ryokan. The Ryokan is a traditional Japanese inn. The hot springs were set outdoors set in the rocks and the water was natural hot water pumped … Continue reading

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Waterfalls and flying squirrels!

The weather broke at about 8 p.m. last night and it poured all night. We woke this morning to find a thick mist which threatened to spoil our plans for the day. We left the lovely traditional Ryokan inn at … Continue reading

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And so to bed!

I would like to say that I had the best night’s sleep……….

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